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Since its establishment in 1978, Comar has emerged as a leader in the design and development of test equipment. Over the years, we've delivered over a thousand tailored test solutions to various industries, many of which play a vital role in ongoing critical development programs. Today, our collaborative efforts with partners and suppliers aim to provide purpose-designed turnkey systems that go beyond mere modifications of catalog items. These innovative tools are specifically crafted to visualise, control, and capture data from complex test programs.

Our commitment to treating suppliers as partners takes business relationships to new heights, fostering long-term connections. The machines we produce typically integrate mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, environmental, electronic, instrumentation, and software disciplines. However, it's our extensive experience and testing expertise that truly sets Comar apart and benefits our customers.

By deeply understanding our customers' businesses, we actively support and participate in the development and production of project specifications. Comar serves an international clientele across all industries, offering adaptable solutions for new systems, modifications of existing systems, and upgrades to cutting-edge technology.

Since 1978, Comar has been a trusted supplier of products, systems, and services to various industries, specialising in power motion and control applications. Our product range boasts top-quality and reliable brands like Vickers, Eaton, Kawasaki, MP Filters, FCH, Staffa, Rollstar, HKS, and more.

Comar engineers possess the expertise to advise on product selection, system design, troubleshooting, service, repair, and planned maintenance. Our engineers are available to travel globally, serving industries such as Aerospace, Steel Making, Plastics, Marine, Mining, Mobile, and Automotive.

In our project department, we approach each order by designing a quality system that helps customers reduce costs. As distributors of a comprehensive range of hydraulic and pneumatic products, we have access to the best prices. Utilising the latest design technology, including "state-of-the-art" 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems like Solid Works, allows us to communicate directly with our customers through electronic transfer.

Project Management, as defined by BS6079:1996, is the cornerstone of our operations. It involves the planning, monitoring, and control of all project aspects, coupled with motivating all involved parties to achieve project objectives on time and within specified cost, quality, and performance parameters.

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