Comar Fluid Power Expands Horizons with Relocation to Queensway Business Park in Telford

By Comar Engineering Services
schedule11th Jan 24

January 11, 2024

In a strategic move to foster growth and tap into local engineering talent, Comar Fluid Power, a renowned leader in designing and developing test equipment, has officially relocated from Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, to a new and expansive site at Queensway Business Park in Telford.

The relocation signifies Comar's commitment to expanding its operations and establishing a strong presence in a hub renowned for its engineering excellence. Operations Director Stuart Martin expressed enthusiasm about the move, highlighting the company's long-standing history since its inception in 1978. With over four decades of experience, Comar has become a trusted supplier of products, systems, and services to various industries, specialising in power motion and control applications.

"We see tremendous potential in the Telford region, and this move allows us to tap into the rich pool of local engineering talent. Our goal is to not only continue our legacy but also to actively contribute to the growth and development of the engineering community in this area," stated Stuart Martin.

Comar Fluid Power is renowned for its innovative approach, having delivered over a thousand tailored test solutions to industries globally. The company collaborates with partners and suppliers to provide purpose-designed turnkey systems, ensuring they are not just modified catalog items but innovative tools capable of visualising, controlling, and capturing data from complex test programs.

The new location at Queensway Business Park positions Comar for continued success and growth, allowing the company to adapt its solutions for new systems, modifications of existing systems, and upgrades to cutting-edge technology. Comar engineers, known for their expertise in product selection, system design, troubleshooting, and maintenance, are now even more accessible to industries such as Aerospace, Steel Making, Plastics, Marine, Mining, Mobile, and Automotive.

The move underscores Comar Fluid Power's commitment to long-term business relationships, treating suppliers as partners and embracing a collaborative approach to project management. The company's dedication to quality systems design, coupled with its ability to provide cost-effective solutions, ensures a promising future at the new Queensway Business Park location.

As Comar Fluid Power sets its sights on a new chapter in Telford, the company remains poised to contribute significantly to the local engineering landscape and solidify its position as an industry leader with a legacy dating back to 1978.